HVAC/Roof Project




The Jerusalem Lutheran Church Building is beautiful and spacious. Built in 1995, it is a relatively young building constructed after a fire burned Jerusalem's predecessor Christ Lutheran Church to the ground in 1991. However, two big parts of our building are at the end of their expected life—the roof and the heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system, or HVAC.


A consultant will work with us, guide us, and help us through a process where as many people as possible are involved in educating, asking and committing.

Pray, and be of good cheer! God has gifted us with this marvelous building, and God has stirred up ministry in this place for both the sake of God’s people, and the world! Other congregations do this, and so can we.

Continue to be a faithful part of the community in worship, learning, giving, serving and witnessing.

Give a weekly offering and as always, a prayerful annual increase!

Planned giving—wills, special gifts, memorials.

We need volunteers for a Building Task Force (which already includes many of our property folks), but there is much yet to consider and do!

We need volunteers for a Capital Appeal Team to learn about capital appeals, choose a campaign company, and help lead the appeal.

Goal of getting started by the end of 2018!