Director of Music

Mission Statement: “To Know Christ and To Make Christ Known”


Supervisor: Pastor
· Implement and follow policies set forth by the Church Council and Personnel Committee
· Consults with Worship and Music Committee

In order to lead the song of the worshiping assembly:

1. To be familiar with Lutheran liturgical traditions.

2. Musical Competency—to play the organ/piano at all Sunday Church Services, including rendering a prelude, a postlude, an offertory hymns, and any other music required for the liturgical needs of the congregation at worship.

3. To play the organ/piano at the following regularly scheduled services which do not occur on Sundays: Christmas Eve (2 services), Ash Wednesday and the Wednesdays in Lent, the Thursday and Friday of Holy Week, and occasional community services ie: and occasional Baccalaureate/Community/District/etc. events.

4. To direct and/or accompany the choir(s) at all services where choirs are scheduled to be present.

5. When sufficient ringers are available and interested, convene a bell choir.

6. To rehearse the choir(s) on a regular schedule, with the option of cancelling rehearsals or scheduling extra rehearsals, so that the choir(s) lead the congregation under the director’s leadership.

7. To oversee the Praise Team. Play instruments as needed.

8. To select appropriate anthems and hymns for church services creating a healthy mixture between old, new and diverse music in keeping with the church year.

9. To serve as a member of the Worship and Music committee, attending all meetings—meets every other month for about two hours.

10. To be available to work with the children in Sunday school and VBS.

11. To obtain additional musicians for performing at special festival worship occasions.

12. With the Worship and Music Committee, work toward holding an annual concert series in the Congregation.

13. To provide music for weddings, with the right of first refusal by the Music Director.

14. To provide music for funeral services, as available.

15. To recruit members for all music programs and activities, and to encourage the participation of members who are qualified and interested in these ministries.

16. To have charge of and maintain the church’s music library. The Director will be mindful of all copyright laws. The Church will assume no responsibility for personal music kept in this library.

17. To meet with the pastor concerning worship services, and communicate with other staff regarding bulletin and newsletter articles.

18. To develop relationships with the congregation and its choir(s), because the Director needs to know more than just the choir members.

19. Together with the pastor, teach parishioners about music and worship.

20. To oversee the maintenance and upkeep of the organ, piano and any other church related instruments i.e. hand bell collection.

21. To give permission to qualified people to practice on the organ and piano, in order to encourage the development of current and future church musicians.

22. Other related duties as required.


· Average time commitment: 15–18 hours a week (usually one service in the summer).

· Must have a current abuse background check to work with children, and a criminal check to ensure the safety and integrity of the position. The congregation will determine from where the check(s) will be obtained.


· Salary – Based on Experience

· Vacation – Three weeks, based on 52-week year

· Continuing Education – as funded by the church budget and approved by supervisor

· Sick Days/Personal Days – To be negotiated


Send résumé and a letter of interest either to:

Mailing address:
Jerusalem Lutheran Church
Attn: Personnel Committee
252 Dock Street
Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972


Revision Approved by Church Council 10.9.18